About us

My heel is MiaCalnea® because Calcaneus(a) is the heel bone symbol for the heel. It is, however, from the language of Spanish, mine. So MiaCalnea® is a brand name for podiatry and health feet. 

Products with the characteristic pink logo are mostly made using natural materials such as wood, quarts or rubber. The MiaCalnea® brand therefore fits perfectly into the concept of environmentally conscious thinking, as confirmed by international organisations such as FSC® and PEFC™.

The MiaCalnea® brand is also a natural product for manicure, epilation and cellulite control. 

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Logo is idea The characteristic MiaCalnea® logo contains the essence of product care for customers’ feet. Smooth, natural and continuous lines are synonymous of movements during pedicure treatment.  

The naturalness and harmony of the brand are emphasized by its motto: by nature’s beauty.
It complements the idea of the brand. 
High quality thanks people. It is only thanks to the professional team that MiaCalnea® is able to offer all of its products in an unprecedented level of quality. 

The control methods introduced and applied with great consistency at every stage of production guarantee the best possible end result. 

Continuous supervision of quality controllers and manual performance of some of the tasks during the production process make each product meet the quality expectations. 

Why? Our overriding goal is to produce the highest quality products, significantly improving the functionality, comfort and effectiveness of body care treatment. 

All this with accompaniment of customer satisfaction. 
Aspirations Our mission is to provide products that gives the best protection and care.  

At the same time, we maintain the greatest possible commitment to environmental protection and customer satisfaction.

We want to be the best in this category of products.