Forest Stewardship Council

Our foot files, Pilerkas, Celustopers, sticks, spatulas and also furniture and displays are FSC® certified. FSC® is the first and most globally recognized (present in more than 50 countries) certification scheme for forests and wood products. The system is based on a number of standards – requirements created by the members of the FSC organisation. These documents describe the principles of proper forest management and how to verify them in the field.
The standards also describe rules to control the flow of raw material from the forest to the final customer in a way that ensures that products bearing the FSC® logo actually come from forests that meets high requirements. 

When you buy MiaCalnea® products, you can be sure that the materials used in their production come from well-managed forests and meet the highest quality standards. 
 What does all this mean in practice?  MiaCalnea® products are environment-friendly. The FSC® certificate ensures that the raw materials used in the production of cosmetic accessories as well as furniture and displays come from forests where the use of pesticides is avoided, dead wood is preserved for natural decomposition, rare species of fauna and flora are protected, the natural condition of some forest ecosystems is preserved, no foreign plants or origin are introduced, in particular genetically modified plants, areas of exceptional social and natural value are protected, and all this in accordance with local culture and tradition. 
The code of our FSC® certificate:
CU-COC-818738, licence No.: FSC-C108233.
FSC logo