Ergonomic file and polisher in one piece
Thanks to curved bend, 40% more efficient than a conventional file.
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Special characteristics

  • Ergonomically-shaped file and polisher in one piece.
  • Ergonomically designed for an increase in efficiency of +40%
  • SILD® antibacterial membrane
  • FSC® Certificate
  • Waterproof 
  • Loop hanger 

EAN: 5908252679065
ART. MCT.9065
MiaCalnea® AeroFiter™ was designed for the highest possible efficiency of a file and polisher in one. The ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the foot, so that at the same time the skin’s abrasion efficiency increases by 40%.  

Its subtle bend increases the comfort of use. This will be particularly appreciated by people with reduced mobility. The originality of the products and its high ergonomic value make AeroFiter™ the absolute leader in the group of effective and comfortable cosmetic accessories. 

Two abrasive surfaces, the first with abrasive grit (80) and the second with polisher (240) complete the product’s perfection. 

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