2x20 pcs of single foot files, grit 80/120
Design-conscious beauty salons, SPA centres, hotels
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Inquiry : NOIR 40-PACK

Special characteristics

  • Single use foot file
  • 20 pcs with grit 80
  • 20 pcs with grit 120
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight and durable

EAN: 5908252679133
ART. MCT.9133
Exceptionally exclusive and elegant single-use files for professionals. The deep blackness of the wood gives it its unique character. 

NOIR by ONEUSE™ fits perfectly into a glamorous salons design.

Additionally, the set of 40 pcs is duplicated in half between two types of grits: 20 pcs with grit 80 and 20 pcs with grain 120, respectively.