Four files in one thanks to grit: 80/100/120 and 240.
Mainly for advanced home spa users.
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Special characteristics

  • 4 dedicated abrasive surfaces 
  • FITPASEC™ for hard-to-reach areas
  • SOFTSPOT™ smoothing surface 
  • SILD® antibacterial membrane 
  • Waterproof
  • FSC® certificate
  • Loop hanger 
EAN: 5908252679003
ART. MCT.9003
MiaCalnea® Premium+ is the perfect choice for advanced home pedicure users. Four different abrasive surfaces can easily cope with the hard-to-remove calluses. 

Two large abrasive surfaces ( grain in size 80 and 100) quickly eliminate dead skin, while the SOFTSPOT™ white round with a fine abrasive surface (grain size 240) will perfectly finish the pedicure treatment, leaving your feet soft and smooth. SOFTSPOT™ is also ideal for hard-to-remove and impossible to wash off skin stains. 

FITPASEC™ is a unique solution perfect for small and difficult to reach calluses. Thanks that, healthy and imperfect skin will not be damaged.

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