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Spatulas 170/20/2 25-PACK

Large solid Cosmetic spatulas
Professional beauty salons
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Special characteristics

  • Dimensions
    • length 170 mm
    • width 20 mm
    • thickness 2 mm
  • 25 pieces in a bag
  • Polish wood
  • Disposable products
  • Paraffinic
EAN: 5908252679751
ART. MCS.9751
WEIGHT 115g 
Waxing? Yes, but only hygienically, with wax applied with a Woodem MiaCalnea® spatula. Selected Podkarpackie wood, paraffinized for better smoothness, machined in optimal shapes.

Your comfort and guarantee of naturalness. Professional cosmetic spatulas for body wax application. A special paraffin coating gives the spatulas a delicate surface that is pleasant to the touch.

100% Polish product.