Massage & gymnastics The sole of your feet contains about 72,000 nerves. The stimulation of the nerve ending improves circulation and general well-being. Before massage, feet should be warmed up with a bath or warm air, which perfectly relaxes tense muscles. 
  • Start massage with smoothing the feet, i.e. movements performed inside the hand, always in the direction of the heart. These movements begin and end the massage. 
  • Tear the toes of the foot (with both hands or the left hand, hold the foot, and rub the toes of the foot with the thumb and index finger). Then rub the toes of the foot with the thumb and index finger). Then rub or knead the sole of your feet to the heel. Finally, a stroking motion is performer on the entire surface of the foot. 
  • Let’s not forget to massage the Achilles tendon, which is the strongest tendon of the whole body. Three lower leg muscles are hung on it. There is a synovial sac between the ten don and heel bone. This is particularly import ant for women, because walking in high heeled shoes shortens the tendon. Massage the area with the finger tips of both hands or hold between the thumb and forefinger to smooth, and move your fingers upwards. 
  • Gymnastics takes a few minutes and relaxes our feet sensationally. The most common ways are to walk on your toes, bend your toes, walk barefoot. When climbing the stairs you can place only the front part of the foot and slightly bounce back (then stretch the tendon of Achilles).