Masks and creams Once your feet are relaxed, you can proceed to the next stage of applying masks. Their purpose is to moisten the feet properly, but also to provide them with essential nutrient. 
  • Nourishing mask: to prepare it we need a glass of milk and oatmeal, which are rich in vitamins. First boil the milk and then pour the flakes into the milk. When all of the water has cooled down a little, apply the resulting foot mash and keep it for 15-20 minutes. After this time, wash the mixture thoroughly.
  • Softening mask: to prepare this mask we need two spoonfuls of oatmeal, one spoon of dried marigold, lemon juice, and glycerine. Pour a glass of boiling water over the calendula, steam for about 15 minutes and then add the flakes, glycerine, oil and lemon juice to the stock after it has been thinned out. The mixture must be well mixed. 
  • The treatment will be completed with an overnight treatment , which can also be done in a home-made way. During the night, our skin absorbs valuable ingredients or preparations applied to it extremely quickly. That is why it is worth to create such a mixture, which will provide the feet with everything they need. 
  • Oil-In-Cream: to prepare this specificity we need Vaseline and half a glass of dried black elderberry flowers. Dissolve the Vaseline in water, then add the dried flowers to the water, then add the dried flowers to the water. Heat up the whole and leave for an hour. Then pour into a tight container and place in a cool place.
  • Soothing cream: to prepare it we need tea oil, Vaseline and vitamin E in capsules. Dissolve the Vaseline in water and add a few drops of tea oil with capsule content. Mix thoroughly and place the resulting mixture in a container and leave in a cool place. 
  • You can also use our commercially available foot moisturises.