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CeluStoper® HOME

For Home Users
Designed for home spa and anti-cellulite treatments in the comfort of your home.
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Special characteristics

  • More gentle than the PROFESSIONAL version
  • Test-proven efficacy against cellulite 
  • Prevents hair ingrowth after hair removal
  • Unrivalled for smooth-peeling
  • Enhances  absorption of anti-cellulite creams 
  • FSC® certificate
  • Waterproof
  • SILD® antibacterial membrane

EAN: 5908252679041
ART. MCT.9041
Cellulite treatments in the comfort of your home will be carried out with CeluStoper® HOME from now on.
An innovative tool to fight this age-old enemy of women – cellulite.
It is ideal tool for systematic skin cleansing by removing dead epidermis thanks to micromassage with tiny elastic cylindrical shaped rubber rods on the surface of CeluStoper®

Additionally, a softened elastic surface thanks to an intensive massage reduces fat cells and stimulates microcirculation, which significantly improves skin tone and firmness.

CeluStoper® is ideal for problems with ingrown hair after hair removal. On the second or third day after shaving, lightly wipe off the skin with CeluStoper® to remove any blocking hair cells. Elastic rubber rods in CeluStoper® naturally peel the skin, preventing ingrown hair.

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