In cooperation with the Rzeszów University of Technology, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, the University of Economics in Kraków, the Enterprise Europe Network, as well as with specialized private entities, we conduct research and development activities within the framework of which:
  • we work on an innovative Internet of Things (loT) tool, 
  • we want to implement near-field communication (NFC) elements in our products,
  • we have carried out biochemical research into the antimicrobial, integrated chemical formula of silver-ione-based polyurethane lacquer, resulting in the implementation of an antimicrobial SILD® (Silver lon Layers of Defence) membrane, which is coated with our products, 
  • we have developed a project of an intelligent expert system for the analysis of images of podiatric diseases for the purpose of supporting the diagnostic process,
  • we have developed principles and methods for the use of new technologies and significant improvements in existing production technologies, by designing the layout of production lines using the FlexSim computer simulation,
  • we participated in a scientific project “Investment activity of enterprises as a determinant of their development”,
  • we have introduced additional production capacity thanks to the application of the Mass Individualisation and Personalization Strategy (MCP).

The design processes of our products are supported at various stages by CAD/CAM software. Starting with the design and conceptual process, these include CorelDraw, ZWcad and AutoCAD, through the process of preparing documentation for production (ZWCad and AutoCAD), to creating machining programs (CAMs) for machines (UcanCam, TPa-Albatros) and ending with the production of CNCs (Computerized Numerical Control).